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Photographs by Hazel Proctor

“Quiet Lane”
“Purple Skies”
“Monumental Village Garden”
“Heads Down to the Finishing Line”
“Seek and Hides”
“Sacre Coeur”
“Eiffel Tower”
“Hot Pot”
“The End of the Storm”
“Brora Beach Scene”
“Heartfelt Cries at Croick Church afterthe Clearances”
“Photograph Title”
“Snowdrops at Dunrobin 1”
“Snowdrops at Dunrobin 2”
“Snowdrops at Dunrobin 3”
“After the long hard winter”
“The End of a Long Hard Winter?”
“Community Gala: Weeping Angel and Corpse Bride”
“Feather 2”
“Portrait: They treat me like a pet....!”
“Portrait: Rag Dog”
“Portrait: Adoration 2”
“Portrait: Chameleon - let out for a change”
“Portrait: Waiting 2”
“Portrait: Adoration 1”
“Portrait: Eddie 2”
“Portrait: Action!”
“Portrait: Me and My Dog”
“Portrait: The Chase”
“Portrait: Peacock on Sentry Duty”