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Club News

13th August 2018

Summer almost over!
Well, it really must be as the annual exhibition starts in Brora Library on 20 August for two weeks and the new season's programme has been published. We kick off the season with presentations by Matt Sillars, UHI lecturer, on 'What makes a great photograph - the wow factor'.

This year we have our usual six competitions but for the first time three of them will be externally judged. This means that three will be JPEG only and three the usual A4 prints to be judged by club members. Two competitions are Open and the specific subjects for the others are Road Vehicles, Colour Red, Symmetry and Food and Drink.

On two nights we will have a beginners' group on an introduction to digital photography while the more knowledgeable members can do some practical work with layers, colour popping and other post processing techniques. Incidentally we have decided to allow colour popped images in the Creative Class of competitions.

On some nights other than club nights we will have some more specialised topics like studio portraiture, product photography and Lightroom Classic and Photoshop CC processing. A number of weekend day field trips are also planned.