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21st August 2012

The new season starts on 11th September in the Brora Community Centre lounge in Brora Primary School at 7pm. This first meeting begins with a welcome and introduction to the new season's programme by the Chairman, John Alderson.
There is a familiar pattern to the programme with the first meeting of the month having the usual competition - although the format is now different. During the year there will be two sessions on the "Digital Darkroom", the aim of which will be to help you to become familiar with digital manipulation. We will start with the basics and move forward - gently! On the second Tuesday of the month we want to make time available to deal with problems you might have with your camera and with software. We aim to give you more hands-on experience. John will tell you more on the 11th.
It looks like the first night of the new season will be a busy night because there will be the first competition of the season. The subject is "Crofting in the Highlands". As a new departure we are not having a separate 'Open' category for black and white images but all entries whether colour or black and white are to be on the competition subject. However colour and black and white images will be judged in separate categories and you are still limited to a maximum of two images in each category. The points awarded will, as usual, go towards the annual award of Colour Photographer of the Year and Black and White Photographer of the Year. The new trophies we have recently purchased for the annual awards 2011-12 will be presented on the night.
The key event of the night - and something not to be missed - will be the presentation by Ken Crossan. He is well known to the Club and an internationally recognised photographer. As to his subject matter: all will be revealed on the night.
A relatively minor matter (but not to the Treasurer) will be the collection of subs - so be prepared!! We will also be sending out a membership form in advance to ensure all details are up to date. So please bring that with you and hand it over when handing over your hard earned.
Have you completed you Summer Task yet? There is still time. Eagerly awaited submissions will be shown on the Club night on 25th September. Send your images to Bruce.