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12th September 2012

In case you couldn’t join us on the evening here is what you missed! If you were there a reminder of this inspirational start to the new season.
We began our new season last Tuesday. John Alderson, who chairs the Club, welcomed new and returning members and introduced the evening’s guest speaker, Ken Crossan from Wick. Ken gave a brilliant presentation, amply illustrating why he is an internationally recognised photographer. The images he projected showed a range of photographic techniques as well as fine composition¬al skill. While there were photos of his beloved Caithness and its flora, there were also great shots from Yellowstone and the Swiss Alps, some of them taken under severe climatic conditions.
Ken demonstrates the importance of planning and patience as well as technical skill in capturing the images he has in his mind’s eye. This thoughtful approach meant that Club members were treated to a formidable range of wonders to be seen in the natural world, from the grandeur of Alpine mountains and the boiling geysers of Yellowstone to the delicate beauty of flowers and organisms that survive in these extreme conditions. One sequence of shots showed a coyote listening for movement under the snow, pouncing to catch its rodent prey, then enjoying lunch.
Colours, forms, patterns, profusion and minimalism were in turn offered as a kalei¬doscope of reasons for being a serious photographer. Not only was the occasion in¬spirational it actually gave those present real help in becoming better photographers. This was a modestly presented and generously shared insight into how to achieve the kind of photographic results that bring deep satisfaction. This was teaching of the highest order and a privilege to be a student.
Ken also presented awards to Club members who had been judged by their peers to be best in colour or black and white categories. Arising from the monthly com¬petitions of the previous year, Hazel Proctor from Brora was judged the best colour photographer and Andy Kirby from Dornoch the best black and white photographer. Andy had also submitted the best colour photograph. Ronald MacDonald of Golspie had submitted the best black and white photograph, but was not able to be present to receive his award. New trophies had been commissioned from the Orcadian Stone Company of Golspie and these were widely admired.
The next meeting of the Club is on 25 September in Brora Community Centre lounge at 7.00 pm.
Final Reminder: All images resulting from the Summer Task should be e-mailed to Bruce by next Tuesday using the normal; club e-mail address.
Ken Crossan makes the presentations to Hazel and Andy