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18th December 2013

Warm Christmas greetings and a good New Year to all our members.

Despite the festivities, including the odd wee dram, do not forget to get out there and look for those Patterns in Nature – with your camera of course! Admittedly some seasonal frost and snow would enhance the opportunity but it is a wide subject and the patterns are there to be seen and interpreted through the lens. So let us see your inspirational images on 14 January.

That is also a special date in the club’s calendar this season as we will have the pleasure of Ken Crossan sharing his stunning images of wild flowers of Caithness and landscapes and fauna. Ken is a longstanding friend of the club and a regular visitor and it is appropriate that on that night we will be presenting him with Honorary Membership in recognition not just of his support but also his contribution to the art of photography in the North Highlands. Do make an effort to come – an effort that will be amply rewarded.

The scores are in for our entries to Highland Challenge 2014 and you should all be receiving the results by e-mail notification if you have not already. Given the number of entries 4 out of every 5 images were, inevitably, not going to get through to the final 10. The final 10 are strong images but come the day it is all down to the judge and judging is a highly subjective matter. To quote from the Christmas issue of Amateur Photographer:

There is no single set of rules , set in stone, that determines what constitutes a good photograph. We are all moved by different things and articulating why an image works for us is not easy. Technical excellence is often sought after, but it is by no means a prerequisite. Sometimes it is the subject itself or a moment in time.

As all those who were at our last meeting will appreciate it is not simply the final 10 that comprised the strong images. There were many more and many that could have been happily submitted were the limit not 10. So if yours did not make the final 10 do not feel disheartened. Moreover, those who did not submit must have had good images – we see them regularly at club competitions – and so hopefully they may feel willing to submit for Highland Challenge in future years.

At a loose end in January (except on 14th and 28th of course)? Then a visit to the Eden Court is called for. The Royal Photographic Society is showing the Scottish Members Print Exhibition 2013 between 1st and 31st January. Well worth a visit. See