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Club News

9th February 2014

11 February Meeting
We hope you can all make it next Tuesday. Ian Street from Helian Photography is coming to talk on HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography. Essentially this is a recognition that the sensor in your camera cannot, at any given exposure, capture the full range of dark to light tones that the eye can see. We have all experienced the outcome of washed out sky with perfectly exposed land. There are software techniques that enable the full range to be recovered - and exaggerated! Ian will explain this far better and in detail with worked examples. His website is down at the moment but he has a Helianphoto Facebook page.

Our competition on Tuesday is entitled Natural Light and we look forward to the usual high standard of entries. With all this seasonally unnatural sunlight of late there have been plenty of opportunities, especially with the low sun and the interesting combinations of natural light and shadow that arise.

The final part of the evening will comprise two photographic presentations by Bruce and Stan. I am assured they have been beavering away of late for your delight.

25 February Meeting
Just a quick reminder that on 25 February apart from the usual photo surgery and the second part of the Dingwall National Competition presentation we will have a practical portrait session with some lighting and reflectors as well as a little bit on flash technique. Do bring your cameras, a suitable lens and, if you have one, a separate flash. This is very much about sharing knowledge rather than expert tuition so do come prepared to share any techniques you have found helpful when photographing people. That way we all learn.

Other reminders
Michelle circulated details recently of a request for images from Highland Life - a free monthly magazine with a readership of 60,000 across the North of Scotland. They have a regular feature called Parting Shot, which is a landscape photo someone has taken in the Highlands and a little blurb about where it was taken and what they were doing at the time. The contact is Angela Spence at and the images need to be 3MB minimum and they also want an image of the photographer. If you do put any in do ask that the text mentions East Sutherland Camera Club and the website – all publicity helps.

You might also like to know that Alison Cameron, the Editor of the Northern Times, is looking for images for their 2015 Calendar. The closing date for that is March and she doesn’t have much coverage of Bettyhill, Helmsdale, Lairg and Dornoch. She can be contacted at The princely sum of £25 per image used is on offer!