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Club News

23rd February 2014

25 February Meeting
We hope you can all make our practical workshop on taking portraits. The format of the session will be that Andy will give a brief introduction on the basics of using flash and different diffusers. Michelle is going to share her experience of taking portraits and in particular talk about posing issues. We will also have two ‘studio’ type set ups. Michelle is bringing her studio flash, Emma is bringing her portable background and reflectors and Andy his single continuous studio light and reflectors. The aim is to give an insight and practical session on taking portraits. So do bring your cameras, a suitable lens and, if you have one, a separate flash.

Side by side we will also have out usual coffee and photo surgery. After which we will show the images from the final part of the Dingwall National Photography Competition.

11 March Meeting
It is not a coincidence that the next monthly competition is entitled Portraits (person or pet). Now, we are not expecting you to bring along your pet hamster to practice on this Tuesday but hopefully some of the techniques and practice on that evening will bear fruit in the next competition. On that evening Andy will be giving his illustrated talk ‘Cuba from behind the lens’ based on his holiday last year when he explored most of the island. John will also be giving a slide show.

Annual Dinner
You will all have received details of the Annual Dinner and menu to be held on 25 March at the Golspie Inn. If you haven’t already done so please get back to Michelle with your confirmation. There have been good reports of the food at the Golspie Inn under its new management and the menu certainly looks good and is reasonably priced.

Website changes
At the moment changes to the website content such as this news item have to be manually e-mailed to members. Gerald is going to automate this process. But to do so requires all members to have an account created on the site since the e-mail details recorded there will be those used. Some people have already created an account and, for example, use it to post images on the Members’ Galleries. So that you do not have to create an account yourself if you do not already have one they will be created automatically. When this is done you will get an automatically generated e-mail giving you your account name and password. If you do not want to there will be no need for you to activate your new account by logging in, to create a new password or, indeed, to use the account in any way. This news item is simply to let you know what is going on and so that you are not surprised to get an automatic notification out of the blue.

This does mean, of course, that should you change your e-mail address you will need to notify Andy of the change so that he can amend the account details.