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Club News

8th March 2014

25 February Meeting
Everyone seemed to enjoy the hands on portrait session so much so that we never got round to viewing the second part of the Dingwall National Competition images. Thanks are due to Michelle and Emma for bringing lighting and background kit along and in particular to Michelle for the inspirational presentation and guidance during the session. Some have sent in to Andy their best images taken on the night but I am sure there are many more – perhaps you are waiting until after Tuesday’s competition. But whatever the reason do let Andy have your best images and then we can have a viewing on another club night.

11 March Meeting

Andy will be giving his illustrated talk ‘Cuba from behind the lens’ based on his holiday last year when he explored most of the island. Cuba is an island where there is a fascinating mix of sometimes restored but often crumbling pre-revolution colonial style architecture, 1950s American cars, the iconography of communism, the impact of a long standing American embargo and sprinkled with the beginnings of private enterprise; all in a Caribbean setting.

There will also be the monthly competition: Portraits (person or pet). There can be no excuse after our last meeting for anything but the best. I am sure we are all looking forward to seeing some great images.

Finally we will show the second part of the Dingwall National Competition images.