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20th September 2014

Welcome to the first Newsletter of the new season and welcome also to the 6 new members who joined the club at our first meeting of the season. If you know of others who would be interested in joining do encourage them to come along next Tuesday.

Annual Exhibition
Those of you who managed to get to the club’s exhibition in Brora library in July will have enjoyed a superb selection of images. The feedback from visitors was excellent and has encouraged us to make this an annual event. Your committee are open to members’ suggestions about such things as to what the content should be (e.g. more than just competition winners) and location in more than one venue.

Next Meeting
The meeting on 23 September has the usual three elements for a fourth Tuesday of the month meeting: workshop, coffee and photo surgery and a presentation. In the workshop John will introduce the overall theme of this season’s workshops which is to explain how the digital camera works, encouraging a move away from the ’auto’ setting in favour of taking active control of your camera. He will paint an overview of what is involved before embarking on the essentials of exposure.

The photo surgery is for you and for you to make as much of it as you like. If there are aspects of your camera you want help with bring your camera along. It may also help to bring the manual too. If you would like helpful comments on some of your photos bring prints or put them on a memory stick or laptop. If it’s software it is probably better to bring a laptop with it on, although the club’s laptop has Photoshop Elements. Don’t stand shyly in the corner; buttonhole a member with your question! If they cannot help they will know someone who might.

The final element of the evening will be presentations by Andy and Bruce based on their trip to the west coast and Inner Hebrides last June. Bruce’s presentation is a thought provoking one about Iona and Andy’s will range more widely and in particular will look at some ‘before’ and ‘after’ images and the techniques involved (which you may or may not agree have improved them!).

Summer Task Presentation
This will take place in the later part of the 14 October meeting. Andy has received or been promised sets of images from six members and the evening will allow scope for a few more. So if you would like to be involved there is still time (summer is not really over) but please let Andy have your images by 30 September to give him time to put the presentation together.

First Competition of the New Season
The ‘open’ subject competition is the first of the season on 14 October and for the first time we have a new class. In addition to the usual colour and monochrome there is – by popular demand - a creative class. The rules are to be found on the Competitions page of this site and in particular they explain the definition of ‘creative’ for the purposes of our competitions. You can enter a maximum of two images in each class, that is six in total. Do remember, please, to attach a sticky label to the back of your prints with your name, the competition title/theme, the image title and the class it is being entered for.

Projected Image Competition
As discussed at the AGM last year we plan, as an experiment, a projected image competition rather than a print based competition. This is planned for 13 January. It is going to require a different approach including submission of images in advance in the correct format, viewing on screen and scoring out of 20. We will let you have full details of how the competition will be organised well in advance.

Competition Feedback
As a reflection of members’ wishes at last year’s AGM it was agreed that the competition score sheet would be circulated after each competition. Anonymity would be preserved by simply indicating the image title and its score. Your committee are also looking at other ways in which members can be encouraged to develop their image making in addition to the workshops this season. However, there is absolutely no reason why you should not approach one of the more experienced club members and invite their comments on your images. Constructive and helpful feedback is guaranteed. But remember, apart from technical basics like correct exposure and sharp focus in the right place, any view expressed will be subjective!

Highland Challenge 2015
This time it is to take place on 21 March 2015 in Cromarty so pop that date into your diary now. If you have never been before it is an excellent day out with coffee and lunch included. There are informative talks about photography and the judging of the entries is always interesting. The feedback on the images can be very good and helpful in developing one’s own photography. It can also demonstrate the subjective nature of any photographic judging!

As a club we can enter 10 images as prints or for projection, monochrome or colour. There is no set subject, the competition is ‘open’. No more than two images can be from the same club member. Entries can be from any club member and we would encourage all of you to look out your best images for consideration. This year we are planning a different approach. Full details will be posted in due course, including a spec sheet setting out requirements for image presentation and desirable technical qualities. Put simply, your images (a maximum of 5) will be required by 11 November. Your committee will narrow the entries down to a manageable number by looking at technical issues and on 9 December all club members will be able to score the images to create a ‘long list’ of 20-25 possible entries. In early January Ken Crossan, an honorary member of the club with experience of competition judging at a high level, has agreed to help the committee draw up the final list of 10 entries.