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31st October 2012

How can you help improve the web site?
The web site is for club members – it is your web site and you can make it even better!
Here are a few ways in which you can help.
We aim to have lots of really good images to ‘lift’ pages and give the web site impact. We need your best images to do that and we want to build up a stock of images beyond those which feature in the results page which can be rotated. So please e-mail your best images in colour or black and white.
We aim to build up a series of simple tips concerning: taking photos, digital manipulation and printing photos for example. The tips can be wide ranging, simple or more detailed. But to cater for your needs we want your ideas - a list of tips you would like to see. Secondly, can you write a tip? We need authors so why not write a tip that you use and have found helpful – volunteers please.
We aim to make the site a one-stop photography site for club members. There are many web sites of photo interest, e.g., and links to other camera club sites. So let us know what your favourite photography sites and links are.
At the moment we are building the part of the site for the Members’ Gallery. We will let you know when that is up and running. It will give you an excellent opportunity to show case your own work. So be thin king about the images you want to publish.
In summary, e-mail us with:
  • Your best images for inclusion in the site
  • Photo tips: ideas and volunteer authors
  • Suggested photography web links
  • Ideas for future development of the site