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Club News

14th September 2013

First night of the new format for the fourth Tuesday of the month
24 September 2013

Remember the full programme is now available and can be found by clicking on Programme on the menu bar above. If things change details will made available here.

As promised the new season got off to a cracking start with albeit a single bill rather than the double promised, due to ill health on the part of one of our speakers. However, James Moore rose to the occasion splendidly giving us two excellent presentations. It was also good to see five new members and we hope they enjoyed what they saw.

Looking ahead to our next meeting on 24 September your committee decided that we needed to provide the opportunity for more one to one assistance with the photographic issues that members might have. It is often said there are no silly questions and this is especially true of digital cameras and photographic software. We ALL have difficulties from time to time and things we do not understand. So, bring along your camera or laptop and we are sure someone will be able to provide an answer. Oh, yes, and do bring the manual with you because different makes and models do have their own quirks! Do make use of the extended coffee break and photo surgery.

In the first part of the evening we will be showing the results of the Summer Task. There will be 7 or 8 sets of images and the author will briefly explain the basis of their selection of preferred and rejected images. All can join in with comments of disagreement or agreement. The final part of the evening will consist of a short slide show by Andy of his images of the Pyrenees, concentrating on landscape and in particular the wild flowers of the mountains. Here is a taster.