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2nd October 2013

Next Meeting: 8 October

Before looking ahead to our next meeting a word about the 24 September meeting. We hope all who took part in the Summer Challenge found it enjoyable, interesting and even a wee bit of a challenge. The idea was to encourage self criticism in image making and in particular image making at the point of pressing the shutter button. The other day I was looking through some of my father's old Kodachromes taken in the 1950s and 60s and it brought home to me how carefully he had framed and considered the photographs at the point of exposure. Clearly waiting for the right light and for the action to fall into place to make the composition. In a roll of 36 there were very few duplicates or failed attempts so clearly each shot had been made to count. Of course he had no Photoshop or indeed darkroom to fall back on because with transparency film what you shot was what you got and in those days transparency film was not cheap.

What I also recall in family holidays of those days was my mother's constant refrain that Dad took for ever with his photography, standing around waiting for the right moment while she got bored and cold (we are talking Highland holidays!). So, what I hope those who took part in the Challenge and those who did not but shared the experience at our last meeting took away was the need to take time, plan, evaluate and think long and hard before pressing the shutter button. It is all too easy with no additional cost of film and the ability to undo mistakes, have second thoughts and otherwise create the image in Photoshop to blaze away and rely on post production. We all do it, me included, but it is good practice to think back to how good images were created in the days of Kodachrome.

We hope you enjoyed and found beneficial the opportunity of the photo surgery. The first of a regular monthly event on the fourth Tuesday of the month.

Now, looking forward to our next meeting. Our guest speaker is James Gunn who is vice-chairman of Thurso Camera Club. He is well known for his sports photography, having received awards and that will be his topic for the evening. So, plenty of action shots: shinty, footie and rugger amongst others. You can get a preview at

Emma will aslo be rekindling memories of one of our field trips last year: Dunrobin. Thanks to Laura we had special out of hours access to the grounds and from what I have seen some very fine images resulted.

Finally, and by no means of least importance, there will be our first competition of the season. If you are a new member please do enter some prints and do not feel inhibited. One reason for making the first competition an Open category was to encourage new members to enter and not feel constrained by a specific subject. The competition rules will be published shortly on the web site. You will see the menu bar change from Results to Competitions and find the rules there along with the results as before.