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14th October 2013

Next Meeting: 22 October
If you could not get to our last meeting you missed both an excellent presentation by James Gunn from Thurso Camera Club on sports photography and a bumper crop of fine images in the first competition of the season - by my reckoning there were 58 images on display! Well done all those who entered. It is such a pity that only the top four placings get recognition because there were so many good images. Out of the 58 images 33 were awarded first or second place by one or more of you in your judging. So, a lot of you are doing something right with your photography.

Turning now to our next meeting here is a mystery image:

No prizes for guessing what it is but all will be revealed at our next meeting. The subject is macro photography but all that really means is close-up photography. Most cameras and standard lenses have the capability to take photographs close up. There are benefits in using dedicated macro lenses but they are not essential so do not worry if you do not have one. There is also no need to worry that the evening will be too technical - more an introduction and learning experience.

After a short introduction to the main issues and problems faced in macro photography we will have a practical hands-on session. There will be four or five areas with different lighting and things to photograph: tungsten, daylight fluorescent and LED. You can also try flash but the benefit of constant lighting is that it is easier to see the likely results. You will be able to use the different settings and we will provide help and encouragement.

Do bring your equipment along: camera, lenses, tripod, remote release, flash and anything else useful such as reflectors. But no need to worry if you do not have all these as I will provide some and others will no doubt share. I will also bring two macro lenses which Nikon DSLR owners can borrow. While I will provide some things that will be suitable macro subjects do bring along your own things you would like to take a close up photograph of.

In addition there will be our usual photo surgery and John will be providing an introduction to photo software that is widely available.

So whether macro is your thing or not (and who knows you might become fascinated with it) do come along as there will be plenty to do and enjoy. I hope to see you all there.