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3rd December 2013

Next Meeting 10 December
I know I will be in good company in recognising and appreciating all the hard work by Hazel in putting together an excellent learning experience at our last meeting. Sadly not as many people as we had hoped were able to come but those who did had a very entertaining and worthwhile evening discussing a range of images; commenting on their better and poorer qualities and how they could have been improved. Whether you are beginner or expert there is always scope to improve to take your images to the next level and gain the satisfaction of doing so.

That provides a neat link to our next meeting on 10 December when we will be selecting our 10 best images to represent the club in the Highland Challenge 2014. Bruce received 49 entries, so very many thanks to all those who entered images. A short list of 31 has been prepared for the evening. As briefly discussed at the 26 November meeting, in drawing up the short list we have looked carefully for what are likely to be viewed as technical weaknesses by the Highland Challenge judge. On 10 December we will initially explain why each image that did not make it to the shortlist failed to do so and then all present will be able to score out of 20 each of the shortlisted images. We have chosen a simpler scoring system this year: a single mark out of 20, in line with the approach of the judge at the Highland Challenge. As a side show there will be a laptop showing all the entries from all the clubs entered into Highland Challenge 2013, so those who were not able to get to Halkirk earlier this year can see what we might be up against!

Of course all will not be hard work and brain hurting photo analysis. Your reward will be mince pies and mulled wine as well as the usual social interchange. We hope you can all break off from Christmas preparations (ugh!) and join us on the 10th.